Here at Sydney Wide Roadside Assistance we offer a service and satisfaction like no other. There are many reasons why we differ from the rest and why our dedication to our clients is like no other. Unlike other companies, our technicians are highly trained and are constantly updating their knowledge and education to be up to date with the latest technology and control systems.

Modern day vehicles are very complex and are very different to vehicles 10 years ago and prior – Not just any local mechanic or auto electrician can carry out such a detailed task on a advanced piece of machinery. Highly trained technicians with extensive knowledge of mechanical / electrical experience are a necessity. Due to this we have to keep updating our skills and knowledge to be able to deal with these complex systems.

All of our Technicians are still currently in the industry and still are affiliated with modern day vehicles. From this they are constantly informed and updated with all the common and current issues, not common issues and faults from 20 years ago.

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